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Behind the Lens: Cathy Mores Edition

Welcome back for round two of Behind the Lens — interviews with some of my favorite photographers. I took photography & advanced photography in high school (which was only 3 years ago [wink wink, nudge nudge]).  I’ve asked peers and professionals for photography education throughout the last decade or so.  I’ve bought books.  I’ve subscribed Continue Reading


7 Simple Headshot Tips

Two years ago, I started my dream job — stay at home mom!  But before that, I had a job that was a close second…high school teacher.  Being a parent can be really tiring because it’s a 24/7 thing, but for me, being a teacher was definitely more stressful.  Stressful, but incredibly fun!  While I Continue Reading


Soft & Blurred Backgrounds – Aperture Practice

I am no professional photographer…but I sure do know what I like in photos.  Maybe it’s a phase or just my current favorite flavor, but right now I’m super into soft backgrounds! After attending a full-day photography class, I am now shooting in “manual” mode on my camera all the time, as opposed to using Continue Reading