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Monthly Archives: May 2013

iPhone Sassiness

2 posts in one day?!  Don’t get used to this, people.  The level of productivity over here is out of control.

I actually started AND completed a project!  You have no idea how big of an accomplishment this is for me.  Being 8 months pregnant with a 19 month old is my excuse to do nothing productive during nap time but lay on the couch eating Zebra Cakes watching reruns of What Not to Wear.

So last week I shared my idea of making a custom iPhone case since I wasn’t finding exactly what I wanted online anywhere.  I did this project on Sunday while my hubby was around to play with our daughter and my new case was in my hand the next day.  Talk about service!  I wanted an iPhone case with a cameo on it (that Victorian type headshot silhouette your great-aunt Violet used to wear on her lapel).  Turns out not very many people want this iPhone case so I couldn’t find it pre-made anywhere that I really loved.  I also wanted the case to add a bit of protection but not be so grippy and ridiculous that I couldn’t easily slide it in and out of my jeans pocket or purse pocket.  Enter these fine people — for a price very comparable to a pre-made case, I was able to make a custom case on their website and pick it up the next day!  Here’s how I did it…

I love the color gray and so I stole a baby blanket from my yet-to-be-born son’s stash of blankies and laid it out on the floor.  Then I grabbed some of my favorite jewelry pieces and included some “background” type objects (like strands of beads and pearls) to help fill space.  Then I nested in my wedding earrings, my grandma’s charm bracelet, my great aunt’s ring, and so much more until I was sure I’d be able to get a picture that included all of my favorites.

iPhone case in process

Then my photo session began.  I’m sure I could have taken more time to play around with camera settings (like manual which, yes, still scares me quite a bit), but I was on my knees crouched over this jewelry, I had a small child sitting on my bladder, and GOSHDARNIT I was hungry.  So I tried macro, auto, sports mode (don’t judge), both of my lenses, and got a handful of good shots to choose from.  This is the one I finally deemed worthy to accessorize my phone with.

Jewelry - 4

And the next day, my iPhone case was ready to pick up at Wolfe’s!  I LOVE it.  Wolfe’s is offering a special to The Lovable Lens readers – 20% off all iPhone cases now through May 15th.  Mention this discount in the store to receive it or if you order online like I did, use discount code lensblog20 at checkout.  Yay for iPhone sassiness!

iPhone case final


[Nearly] Wordless Wednesday – 5.1

5.1 - Becky

“Do you take a ‘Before’ picture to set the camera up at every event like I do?”

Equipment: Nikon D5100, Tamron 18-270mm

Submitted by Becky, who is beginning to learn to shoot in manual mode too!  A kindred spirit.

If you would like to participate in this weekly series, please email a high-resolution image to and include your name, the camera/equipment you used, and a quick note on the location or subject matter.