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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Guest Post & Giveaway! I’m SO legit.

So, is a blogger allowed to take a maternity leave?  Because I sure as heck did.  But my sweet baby boy is now 4 months old and I feel like I should get back at it!  What better way to welcome myself back than by giving away some FREE STUFF?!  Holla!  When I leave the house with two little kids under the age of 2, I frequently feel like a pack mule.  I have my lunch cooler of bottles and toddler beverages, a diaper bag that is more kin to a suitcase than anything else, and my purse because sometimes I actually have .85 seconds to toss on some chapstick when I’m feelin’ fancy.  I like to feel prepared as much as I can surviving parenthood and I try anticipate any problems that might arise so they don’t become major problems involving a public toddler meltdown or runny baby poop on my black yoga pants (because, duh, why would I wear anything else?).

The same preparedness should go for my camera bag, but I admit it does not.  Nothing is more frustrating than finally having all the stars aligned to get the best photo and something goes wrong and if you had planned ahead, you wouldn’t be in that predicament.  I asked the experts to compile their favorite things to store in their camera bag.  What would help capture an image that might be otherwise lost if you’re not prepared?  A great guy named Will at Wolfe’s has put together his Top 10 Camera Bag Essentials and over the next 5 weeks, they’ll be shared here on The Lovable Lens.  Most importantly, at the end of this guest series, one lucky reader will win all 10 of these items to add to their camera bag!  A guest post AND giveaway all in one?  I’m so fancy!  Details on entering this contest are below.

10 Camera Bag Essentials with Text

       10 Essentials That Should Be in Every Camera Bag

Part I of V

Will Mansfield,

         Congratulations!  You just got a DSLR camera for your birthday/holiday/your husband or wife owed it to you/to record family photos/etc.  SLRs are beautiful, sophisticated, shiny, plastic-and-metal WonderMachines and it’s easy to stop after getting a camera and say you’re satisfied.  But are you really satisfied, knowing that there is a whole world of camera accessories out there designed solely to make your life better?  Of course not: accessories are what make photography (and most things, in general) fun! 

         However, accessories can also be expensive: having less of your hard-earned money is decidedly not fun.  Luckily for you, dear reader, you happen to know a guy who works at a real-life camera store, has seen and tested more than 3000 camera-related items, and has assembled the ultimate Top 10 list of Essential Accessories that Should Be in Every Camera Bag.  By the way, all 10 of these accessories together will almost certainly cost less than your next lens.  Today I will share two of the ten.  Stay tuned for the remaining items in the coming weeks and enter to win all 10!

Lenspen Mini – $9.99

This is by far the most versatile lens tool that could go in a camera bag.  One end of the pen is a fine-hair brush and the other end is a scrubbing pad.  In the cap of the pen is some activated carbon.  The fine-hair brush is great for whisking away surface dust that will inevitably find its way on to your lens.   The scrubbing pad will help get any dried, hardened gunk (technical term) off of the front element.  Bonus points for not having to take a microfiber cloth to the lens and scratch and scrub away those nice lens coatings!  Also, a note to all you lens-breathers:  Nikon recently announced that certain particles in breath can break down lens coatings and shorten the life of the lens.  So, now you know.

Cleaning Cloth – $9.99

A microfiber cleaning cloth is the photographer’s workhorse.  It will clean dirt, smudges, water, serve as a flag/cover, and can be used to set custom white balance.  You’ll almost certainly lose more than a few, so keep some spares on hand.

Thank you Will!  Enter to win these camera bag essentials below and stay tuned for more info from Will over the next few weeks!


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