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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Top 10 Camera Bag Essentials, Part II of V

Bonjour!  So, apparently on top of having an infant and a two-year-old, we thought it would be a GREAT time to move to a new house!  Oh, and we also thought that doing some construction on it before we move would lower our blood pressure (please note my sarcasm, in case it doesn’t come across on the interwebz).  You know what actually lowers my blood pressure?  Getting free stuff.  Oh, that’s right, I’m doing a giveaway!  In my last post, Will from Wolfe’s Camera in Topeka shared two of his Top 10 Camera Bag Essentials, and today he’ll share two more!  Don’t forget to enter the giveaway at the end of the post.  Yay for free stuff!

 10 Essentials That Should Be in Every Camera Bag

Part II of V

Will Mansfield,

         Welcome back! Last week, I shared the first two of my favorite camera bag essentials and this week I’m adding two more to the list.  Don’t forget that all 10 of these accessories together will almost certainly cost less than your next lens.  You don’t have to break-the-bank to enjoy the perks of photography accessories. Stay tuned for the remaining items in the coming weeks and enter to win all 10!

_0Silica Gel – $6.99

Water is the obvious enemy of anything electronic, cameras and lenses included.  But often overlooked is moisture in general and humidity, specifically.  Fact*: going from a warm/humid climate to a cooler climate will cause water to condense in your lenses and will destroy lenses in dramatic fashion. 
* – Ok, I embellished a bit.  It isn’t guaranteed that your lenses will break, but you know what I mean.

Gaffer Tape – $37.99 (for at least a year’s supply)

Think duct tape is cool?  So did I, until I was introduced to gaffer tape by some professionals in the know.  Gaffer tape will do everything duct tape will, and more!  In addition to super strength and the ability to make your own nerdy tape-wallet, gaffer tape is also a nonreflective, studio lighting-friendly black finish and will not leave nasty residue all over your expensive photo gear.  Go ahead and gaffer tape your flash unit to a wall: not only will it hold, but you also won’t have to clean your client’s wall after the shoot is over.

One time, I was too lazy/cheap to get my jeans hemmed, so I folded them under and hot glued them.  It didn’t end well.  I think next time I’ll try gaffers tape.  Thanks Will!



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