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Quick & Custom iPhone Case

I’m a girl who loves to accessorize, mostly because accessories usually fit while clothing…well…doesn’t.  If I buy an item with optional accessories, I am sometimes more excited about researching accessories than playing with the actual item.  When I bought my current laptop, I obviously needed a sassy Vera Bradley bag for it.  When I purchased my DSLR, I spent an embarrassing amount of time finding the perfect strap.  And my iPhone that I’ve had for quite a while now?  It has NO CASE.  What?!  Who am I?  What kind of committed American consumer am I to have purchased an iPhone and not an extra piece of plastic to decorate it.  Fear not, dear reader, I am on my way to the perfect case.

inspiration photoI’ve looked on Etsy, Pinterest, a few shops in town, and haven’t found exactly what I want, so I’ve decided to pseudo-DIY it.  This will be the easiest DIY ever.  These lovely people will take one of your photos and turn it into an iPhone case.  BOOM.  DIY DONE.  Many people have a design, type of object, or something else that they love — cats, polka dots, chevrons, quotes — and can share that love with the world via their tech accessories.  I think I’m going to share my love of jewelry, specifically my vintage/heirloom jewelry that I love so much.  I don’t have the perfect picture yet because I just thought of this idea last night and it’s a miracle I can even type this with a 19-month-old running around so I decided to not push my luck by spreading jewelry every where, getting out my camera, and capturing a picture this very second.  I’ll take care of that when my sweet hubby is home from work. In the mean time, I’ve included a quick iPhone picture of my inspiration piece of jewelry.  I love cameos and found this one for $5 in Sedalia, MO a few years ago when we attended the Scott Joplin Ragtime Festival (don’t be jealous).

Anywho, I decided to share this plan with you to help hold me accountable, otherwise it might be just another idea that gets lost in my brain (which is a very messy and scary place to get lost, what with all the food daydreams and Saved by the Bell clips running around in there).  I’ll definitely let you know how my pseudo-DIY turns out!


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