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Shooting in Sports Mode, AKA Toddler Mode

So I admit that I haven’t played around with my manual setting as much as I probably should have, but I’m using my new camera none-the-less!  My current favorite mode?  Sports mode…AKA toddler mode.  This mode seems to work best outdoors and is perfect for capturing time at the park and general 20-month-old shenanigans.  Nikon-D5100-mode-dialSports mode is essentially designed to capture multiple images, one right after the other, and it is very well-suited for my little girl.  Because she doesn’t understand the concept of standing still and smiling for the camera quite yet, I can typically get a good shot of her face while using this mode.  The only down side I’ve found is that I end up with TONS of bad pictures with a few gems mixed in, but if I wasn’t using this mode, I would maybe have a handful of junky pictures with only one good one.  Oh, another bonus of sports mode?  The noise the camera makes while taking multiple images sure makes me sound like a professional photographer.  Seriously!  Like, “Oh, excuse me other parents at the park with your iPhone camera, my camera is making lots of very important noises which obviously means I’m a serious photographer.”

Sports Mode Collage

My next big task is to figure out how to capture low-light images of my little girl and I think I need some one-on-one tutoring to make that happen, so that’s my plan.  Okay, let me re-state this.  My next big task is having a baby.  Our baby boy is due in about a week…so probably after that I’ll be more focused on getting into a class.  Because I’ll have lots of extra time and having another baby just makes life easier, right?


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