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Top 10 Camera Bag Essentials, Part III of V

Howdy!  We’re half way through our guest series on camera bag essentials from Will, one of the experts at Wolfe’s.  He’s shared 4 of his top 10 favorite accessories for photography and today he’ll share two more.  Make sure to enter to win all ten at the end of this post!

 10 Essentials That Should Be in Every Camera Bag

Part III of V

Will Mansfield,

Optech Rainsleeve$6.99 for 2

You never know when and where Tom Cruise will show up for that once-in-a-lifetime paparazzi shot.  There he is! He’s getting away in the taxi cab! But it’s a torrential downpour outside and the rain on the windows is obstructing your view!  You can either:

A) Risk it and run out into the rain, knowing there is a chance that water can get into the flash housing, cause an electrical short and ensure an expensive and lengthy repair trip for your camera.

B) Stay indoors where it is warm and dry, knowing that you are missing the shot of a lifetime and all of the prestige, money and fame that come with it.  And cry.

C) Grab the Optech Rainsleeve from the most convenient pocket in your camera bag, shove the camera inside, pull the plastic around the lens, and march confidently out into the rain to get the shot.  Not only will the camera stay safe and dry, but the shiny plastic Rainsleeve will throw a glimmer of light at Tom Cruise, he’ll be distracted and turn to you and you can quickly tell him how “Top Gun” or “Risky Business” changed your life.  At that point, he’s more than happy to pose for a picture and your shot ends up on the cover of the New York Times… for a week straight.

Your call.

Energizer Lithium Batteries$6.99-$11.99

Is it possible to have this much respect and love for a battery? Yeah, I suppose it is.  Like many photographers, I’m a gear geek so it’s what I do.  Anyway, Energizer Lithiums really are incredible because they last 4-9 times longer than a set of alkaline batteries, work better in cold environments and can hold their charge for years.  Here’s a handy bonus tip: if you have an accessory grip for your camera, you can most likely power the camera from AAs.  Keeping 8 emergency lithium batteries in the camera bag can be 2000+ extra shots when you’re in a pinch.  Or when you forgot to charge your camera battery the night before a big shoot.  D’oh!

Oh, Will.  You make me giggle.  Enter to win Will’s Top 10 Camera Bag Essentials below.


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