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Top 10 Camera Bag Essentials, The Final Installment

For those of you who missed out on the recent guest posts from Will at Wolfe’s, he has compiled his Top 10 Camera Bag Essentials, a nice grouping of photography accessories that certainly don’t break the bank.  So far we’ve learned about: lenspens, cleaning cloths, silica gel, gaffer tape, rainsleeves [stylish AND functional...ha...], lithium batteries, gray cards, and a bubble level.  In this last entry from Will, we’ll hear his final two products and this will be your last chance to enter to win all 10.  Your last day to enter is the 30th, so get on it!

10 Camera Bag Essentials with Text

 10 Essentials That Should Be in Every Camera Bag

Part V of V

Will Mansfield,

Universal USB Card Reader - $39.99

The value of an image increases exponentially the more it is shared.  Just ask the dude whose photo of the green California hills and perfectly blue sky graced the desktop background of Windows XP, and has been viewed more than 2 Billion times.  How many times lately have you seen the picture of the zebras on the screen of a Retina MacBook Pro?

Bottom line, share your images.  Pictures have almost zero value sitting on a hard drive or in a shoe box, never seeing the light of day (I’m guilty!).  So make a conscious effort to show off the good stuff.  Sometimes, that means showing off on the spot when you know you have a winning image.  With a card reader that accepts all of the common types of cards (CF, SD, etc), you can get any image to almost any device in seconds.

Extra SD/CF Card, Extra Battery – $10-40

I know what you’re thinking: this choice is totally anticlimactic, and it’s kind of a cop-out.  It is.  But extra cards and batteries are so crucial to making images that you should have 2 of each at all times.  Quite simply, when you run out of card space or battery life, you are done shooting.  Also,  missed shots are painful and sometimes even haunting.  So for a few bucks, it’s well worth preserving your sanity and knowing you did everything within your ability to make the shot.

So there you have it! 10 photography accessories that will make your life better.  Did I miss anything?  Do you have a favorite accessory that you would recommend to others?  Please share with us in the comments below.

We’ll be choosing a winner at random soon so stay tuned here and follow Wolfe’s on Facebook to hear the winner first!


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