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Easter Egg Hunt Photos

DSC_0275I love holidays!  I love decorating, crafting, and most importantly, eating.  Anyone with kiddos knows that the best part of having kids is living vicariously through them and putting all of your hopes and dreams on their shoulders…duh.  But that means that on holidays, you get to recreate some of your favorite memories of childhood, buy candy, and play the role of Easter bunny.  Holidays are now EXTRA awesome with my sweet little people.  Here are a few techniques to consider for capturing photos of the Easter favorite, the Easter egg hunt!  [Note: I’m going write this as if both of my kids are participating in the Easter egg hunt…but my son is 10 months old and really will just want to eat the grass.  But hey…it’s a holiday…so I’ll probably let him.]

Change your perspective: I’m a big fan of the photojournalist style of shooting.  Trying to capture candid shots and everyday moments makes for more realistic photos.  It also means you’re not fighting tiny people to sit still, smile, fix their hair, etc, especially on a day where kids are hyped out on sugar!  My plan this year?  I’m going to try to get down on the kid’s level for the hunt, whether it’s down by an egg they’re heading for or kneeling while they’re digging in their baskets.  Last year on Easter, I was 7.5 months pregnant, so if I knelt down to take a picture, I would have probably peed a little bit.  Here are a couple of my shots from last year, some of which I love and some of which will be a jumping point to try to upgrade my perspective this year!

Egg Hunt Collage

Prepare for Action: Our Easter egg hung will be in the morning before church, so that means some nice light but no direct light getting in the way.  I hope to get out the front door before my kids head outside so I can capture that moment of joy when the eggs are first spotted.  I also am going to use my favorite mode, toddler mode, AKA sports mode.  It helps stop the action of a 2.5 year old running berserk!

Don’t Forget the Prints: Trust me…I’m a big fan of Instagram and also occasionally share a picture on Facebook. But when it comes to holidays and special events, make sure to order a set of prints to send to loved ones.  I’ve noticed that people don’t have pictures on their fridge anymore!  I see lots of Save the Dates from weddings because they seem to be the only photographs we receive in the mail anymore.  That’s my challenge to you, dear reader.  Take pictures, print them out, and snail mail ‘em to a friend or relative! Getting gorgeous printed photographs in the mail is more special than ever.

Happy hunting!


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