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Easter Photo Success

Okay, I’m totally here to toot my own horn.  With a little research and thought put into camera positioning, I captured some wonderful images on Easter day.  Now, I’m not saying they’re all the best pictures ever.  However, I focused on improving just one aspect of my picture taking and I’m pleased with what I captured.  I focused on (1) getting down on my kiddos’ level and (2) trying to anticipate the next action and instead of following my toddler, I put myself near what she would be coming toward.  So pleased!


My favorite from the day — pure joy!

Easter Collage 2

Also, considering my lack of legit photography skillz, I am pretty proud of these.

Easter Collage 1

Definitely not the best photographs, but still moments I’m happy to have captured, thanks to a faster shutter speed than if I have used my camera phone.

Also, next Friday at Wolfe’s, a fabulous photographer named Cathy Mores will be leading a free class titled “Story Telling with Pictures”.  This class is at Wolfe’s Camera at 4pm on May 2nd and would be a great class for any parent.  Also, don’t worry about getting a baby sitter: one parent can hang with Cathy and the other parent can play with the kiddos at the train table at Wolfe’s or walk around downtown and shop or grab a snack.  A fun and productive Friday activity, indeed!


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