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Date Weekend

Once a month, my parents volunteer to watch our two sweet babies overnight while Scott and I go out on the town, sleep uninterrupted, and check a few items off our household to-do list.  This weekend we had our date and it was perfect.  The weather here was gorgeous on Friday so we decided we definitely needed to eat outside somewhere.  After brainstorming our dining al fresco options, we landed on The Cheesecake Factory.  This is a great option for those of you that want to eat a weeks worth of meals in one sitting.  I strategically wore a high-waisted skirt with a belt to help curb too much overeating, but I managed to do pretty well.  We walked around the Plaza and went to bed early, like the old farts we are.

As you can see, Effy was SO sad to have to play with all the cool toys at my parent's house.  Tragic.

As you can see, Effy was SO sad to have to play with all the cool toys at my parent’s house. Tragic.

The next morning, we tackled various items around our house: switching Hans’ baby carseat out for a big one, sweeping the garage, cleaning the kitchen (a huge task in itself), getting clothes out of the kids’ closets that no longer fit them (*tear), and SO much more.  All of these tasks took us about 2.5 hours.  With kids around, it would have taken us about 2.5 weeks.  We tried a pizza place by our house we’ve been wondering about and then headed out for some shopping.  We were looking for some storage-type furniture for our playroom (aka basement) and weren’t inspired by the particle board options at Target.  We opted to go to Revival Home Furnishings & The River Market Antique Mall and, voila!  We came home with three pieces perfect for our playroom.  Now, saying we have a “playroom” makes me feel super cute, but in reality, it’s a messy basement room where toys go to die.  Also, bugs.  There are dead bugs around it’s perimeter.  I am not okay with this.  At least they’re dead (thank you, Mr. Exterminator).

After furniture shopping, I wanted to go to this sweet little place I’d heard a lot about — Little Freshie.  Known for their homemade syrups, Little Freshie can create a soda, slush, or float to order.  I had a lime mint slush while my cute hubby enjoyed a homemade root beer.  Oh, and somehow that lemon macaroon hopped out of the glass container and into my mouth.  Oops?


photo 2

Little Freshie – KCMO

All in all, ’twas a successful date weekend!


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