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Breastpump Shenanigans

This post talks about boobs.  It’s your lucky day!

When Hans was about 5 weeks old, his pediatrician said he wasn’t gaining enough weight.  If I wanted to continue trying to nurse him, she suggested nursing him, then pumping, then offering him a bottle…every 2-3 hours…until he figured it out.  I was bound and determined to breastfeed, so we started offering Hans bottles after his feedings.  Well, he figured out pretty darn quick that milk comes out easier/quicker from a bottle, and when I would try to nurse him he would SCREAM at me.  Que tears.  Que guilt.  Que lots of sad feelings.  So, I made the decision to exclusively pump for Hans and OHMGOSH he became a whole different baby.  He was so much happier, had a full belly, and started to gain weight like a champ and I became a much happier mama.

Hans will be 1-year-old next week and Effy has seen her fair share of my Medela Pump-in-Style, since I spend about 90 minutes attached to that thing every day.  In fact, one of the first things she wanted to do when we presented her with her cedar playhouse was to go to the little plastic sink and pretend to wash pump pieces.  Oh sweet girl.  Today, Effy said, “My kitty needs to pump and get some milk for her mama kitty.”  Not totally accurate, but still pretty adorable.


Also, let's be Instagram friends {@lovablelens}!  I'm sort of addicted.

Also, let’s be Instagram friends {@lovablelens}! I’m sort of addicted.


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