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Baby’s First Birthday, Part II

Last week I shared a peak at Hans’ first birthday party inspired by his baby quilt.  There were a few pictures I still wanted to share, so I’m back!  I know you’ve been waiting with great anticipation to hear about the rest of his party.  You were thinking: “Michelle!  I saw part I, but what about the decorations?!  Also, you did not address cake smashing!  Did Hans, in fact, smash a cake?!  I MUST KNOW!!”  Please, please, calm down.  I am here to help.

While we decorated and got food ready, Effy waited for her little friends with great anticipation.

Effy Waiting

Now for some more party details!

Photo Party Decor Label

If Hans had shown a huge preference to a particular toy or activity, perhaps we would have had a theme like that for his party.  But, he just generally likes milk and his sister, so I decided to just have Hans-centric decor all around!  I didn’t want to spend too much money buying pictures frames, so I aimed to find different mediums that pictures could be printed on and stand by themselves that weren’t super expensive.  I loaded up a bunch of my favorite Hans pictures on a flash drive and went into Wolfe’s.  I do a lot of stuff on their website from the comfort of my couch, but I decided it would be helpful to bounce some ideas off their crew in the photofinishing & home decor department.  They suggested some curved metal & gallery block prints and they were perfect and not expensive.  I had them print 5×7′s so they could easily be put on end tables and the like.

Metal and Gallery Block Collage

One thing I especially love about the gallery block prints is that they have little notches in the back that means you could easily hang them on the wall.  They weigh next to nothing so you wouldn’t have to use an anchor or find a stud or anything.  My kinda home decor!

I loved the detail and crispness that you could see in the small curved metals, so I decided to also do a stacked metal print to set out in the kitchen.  You can see all the pre-made background designs that are available to choose from.  They’ll also do a custom background for you and I (of course) had them use the baby quilt graphic seen throughout his party.

Stacked Metal

To sit out and about, I made a custom photobook for Hans.  I tend to get really ‘type A’ when I’m creating stuff like this (shocker).  I started by saying “autofill my pictures”, so the software just randomly placed pictures in a book.  I think for many people, this would be a-okay and definitely very fast.  I decided to start over and pick where each picture went.  It surprisingly only took me 30 minutes, which is still significantly less time than if I had printed each picture and then attached it into a traditional photo album.  Plus, now I can package this sweet little book of Hans’ first year away for him, which is awesome!  [I feel like I need to start a tangent right now on my struggle with printing vs not printing pictures, but I'm just going to add that topic to my ideas of stuff to write about.]


The last area I wanted to decorate was around our fireplace.  The mantle was just calling out for some Hans-inspired goodies.  I have always loved the look of canvas wrapped prints, but never ordered them!  This was the perfect excuse.  I ordered two (I wish I could take photo credits for those pictures of Hans printed on canvas, but I must give credit to my friend Tim).  I also had the quilt graphic printed on Wolfe’s linen photo paper and bought a pre-done craft paper pennant banner at Hobby Lobby (similar to this one) and combined the two for a super simple but custom looking banner!  When I stop being lazy and get my act together, I intend to hang the banner up in his nursery.

Banner prep...

Banner prep…

Fireplace Decor


Tiny baby shoes displayed on the mantle.

And like any 1st birthday party, we provided our child with a cake to smash.  Scott made Effy’s 1st birthday cake and he made Hans’ too — a lemon cake with whipped frosting.  SO delicious.  His smashing experience was completed with a custom printed bib.

Birthday Cake


Hans insisted on holding this measuring spoon during the entire process.  That sweet squishy hand just kills me.

Cake Smash

Happy 1st birthday, sweet Hans!  We love you beyond measure.


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