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My Gear

Nikon D5100


I chatted with the experts before I purchased a camera and eventually landed on this bad boy.  I like it because it’s obviously a step up from a point and shoot but it’s not super heavy like some of the pricier Nikon’s.  It suits my needs…not super fancy and lightweight.  Me likey.




Tamron 18-270mm F/3.5-6.3


This is my everyday lens and I would almost call it an “all-in-one lens”.  The smaller size, lighter weight, and impressive range let me take pictures in a variety of settings without having to fool with switching lenses or changing major settings frequently.  Though I see the benefit of having some different lenses, I just don’t want to tote all of them around!  This lens is a great solution.




Nikon AF-S DX Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G


My first thought when I saw this lens was, “It doesn’t cost enough.”  My lack of photography knowledge (and the consumer in me) thought that if it didn’t cost much, it was of poor quality.  This lens is far from poor.  My house is very dark but it’s where I take a lot of pictures.  This lens has great reviews for shooting in low-light and so far, seems to be a great option for our family!




ProMaster SystemPro Pop-Up Flash Diffuser


This little guy just mounts in the hot-shoe slot of my camera. It softens my camera’s flash, and because I’m usually shooting in low-light, I tend to need my flash.




Kelly Moore 2 Sues Camera Bag


Perhaps one of the most important decisions for any photographer, what super cute bag are you going to tote your gear in?  For me, I definitely knew I wanted a Kelly Moore bag and have been so happy with this purchase.  I can fit a lot in this guy: DSLR, 2 lenses, diffuser, instruction manuals (nerd alert), camera charger, extra battery, Macbook Air (fo’ realz), wallet, keys, phone, and various knick-knacks and pattywacks.




Camera strap


I love the vintage look of Capturing Courture’s Bohemian line of camera straps.  I also looked at a few Etsy shops but landed on this one and have been happy with it thus far!




Point & shoot camera


I have an older Fuji point and shoot that is comparable to this newer one.  I wouldn’t just want a DSLR in my arsenal because sometimes I feel ridiculous pulling it out in certain scenarios.  Plus, this point and shoot (and most for that matter) literally fits in my back jeans pocket and is perfect for quick outings.  My favorite feature on this camera is…well…I don’t know the official name for it, but essentially you push to take a picture once and the camera takes two pictures quickly, one with flash and one without.  I hate that awkward moment when you have a bunch of people together posing and after a picture you’re like, “Oh wait, my flash didn’t go off.  Everyone get back together and act like this isn’t a bit uncomfortable.”  Also, I tend to prefer pictures that are taken without a flash, but sometimes those pictures just flat out aren’t good and the one with the flash is better.  This gives options and I LOVE this camera.


I am not saying that my photo gear choices are the end-all-be-all of camera options…not at all.  They just happen to be best for me and my shooting style.  For help figuring out what gear is best for you, holla at the experts.