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Bonjour!  My name is Michelle and I’m just a gal trying to learn how to take better pictures and document my ordinary, Midwest life.  I can look at a photo or piece of art and tell you what I like and don’t like about it, but as of yet, I don’t know how to create photographs that I love myself.  This blog is my journey to learn!

I recently left my job as a high school business teacher to stay home with my two kiddos, a 2.5-year-old little lady and a 1-year-old baby boy.  Like so many people, my kids are what have finally pushed me to take the proper steps to learn photography and become more comfortable with my camera.  I’ve taken plenty of decent pictures on my iPhone but I know that I owe it to my sweet babies to use a real camera and capture higher quality images of them.  I’ll be using a variety of resources to learn including books, website tutorials, and the experts at Wolfe’s Camera.  Oh, and trial and error.  Lots and lots of that.

Random facts about me:

I strive to be very organized, but visit my house and you’ll see chaos.

I get cranky when I’m hungry.

I think everything tastes better dipped in ranch dressing.

I think coffee smells SO good but I can’t stand the taste (maybe I should try adding some ranch dressing, no?).

I tend to use a lot of parenthesis (like this [and then even embed some, like I’m doing algebra]).

Fall is obviously the best season ever.

I met my husband in English 101.  He’s the cutest guy around.

I have the sense of humor and maturity level of a 13-year-old boy.


Come on!  Let’s learn about photography together! (Cheesy kid’s TV show voice)